After searching the web for information on low power “QRP” radio operation outdoors, I found a site that promotes a new form or recreation that combines hiking and radio.  It’s called “SOTA”…Summits On The Air, There are 284 summits in Clark county Nevada according to the “SOTA” Summits on the Air website. Summits on the Air is a program that encourages radio amateurs who enjoy hill walking, climbing and the great outdoors to take their radios with them and operate from the mountain tops.  This is something that we can do together as a team while enjoying Radio, Hiking, and visiting the summits of Nevada.

SOTA is an award program that recognizes those who “Activate” the summits, and also those that make QSO’s with the activators. The program can be operated anywhere in the world.

For more information about the SOTA program in your State, visit the main website, http://www.sota.org.uk

Today 2-18-2012 is the first day of participating in this newfound hobby as a team, and we have chosen to activate LoneMountain – W7/CK-227 located in our hometown of Las Vegas, situated in Clark County.

If you would like to find more information about “SOTA – Summits on the Air“  visit http://www.sota.org.uk/ or for the Western US areas, visit Summits On the Air W6/W7/W0 Region at: http://www.sotausa.com/

Hoep to see you on the Summit!


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