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Frenchman Mountain W7/CK-175 Activation

We Just conducted an activation of  W7/CK-175, this is not the first activation. We departed the parking area at 2:00PM and has no idea how long this hike would take, or what we would encounter along the way. The parking area is at an elevation of 2415 ft. AMSL (Above Sea Level) and the Summit elevation of 4051 AMSL, so I know that we could anticipate a vertical climb of  1636 ft.  We found that once we hit the first summit at 3607 Ft. we would descend into a saddle that was 300 ft, and then back up the other side  to the Frenchman Summit W7/CK-175 at 4051 ft. making the total vertical, including the return (back up the saddle) hike a total of  2,220 ft.  The sears tower is about 1451 ft, the One World Trade Center (previously known as the Freedom Tower) will be 1776 ft. when completed.

Bill Says: After taking 2 weeks off of SOTA activations, this was a big challenge.  I would put this up there with one of the most demanding hikes in my entire life. I had commented to Michele that my body has not felt this beat-up since I was in Basic training back in 1976.  Each one of these summits has a point value, and this was only a point, later this summer we will hike Mt. Charleston (Charleston Peak W7/CK-001) with an elevation of 11,915 ft. AMSL that is 10 Points, and I am sure WILL NOT be as difficult, due to the fact that it’s a 5-6 hour climb that is not as vertical.

PHOTOS: (link)

Michele Says:All I can say is “WOW”, this is a very steep mountain and a long hike.
It took us over four hours. It was tough, plus we were going against very
strong winds. But as always, it was fun and we made it to the peak!!


Thank to the following Hams for assisting with contacts.
KF7BCG (Rick  Schafer)
KF7PSM (Peter  Filiberti)
N7YOR (Steve  Hernandez)
KC7CIB (Lance Sundin)

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Henderson Benchmark W7/CK-226

This is the initial Activation of Henderson Benchmark W7/CK-226.
I did not have my camera to do the videos and HI-Res photos.

Bill Says:
After yesterdays activation of W7/CK-228 and the 5.3 mile journey made today’s hike a bit difficult.  Total hike was only 3.8 Miles round trip, it was not quite twice the vertical distance, but it was a steep climb all the way. The weather was excellent.

Michele Says:
This one was definitely a challenge!!! We climbed over a mile up the mountain, and boy was it steep, it seemed like we were never going to reach the top. But of course we did, and as always the spectacular view or our beautiful city is worth every step

Thanks to the following operators, W7XLR  (Robert), N7XO  (Donovan), N7FWD (Andrew), AB0G (John) and  KE7WOD (Dennie) for being a part of the Initial Activation.

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Summit 3339 – W7/CK-228 – Activated Today!

See our last entry about Summit 3339 – W7/CK-228 – Summits on the Air Activation  As we returned to Activate the Summit!

UPDATE AS OF 03/03/12 SUMMIT ACTIVATED ON THIS DATE …Thanks to the following operators, KF7PSM (Peter), KB7REO (Glenn), AE7IT (Kyle), and AE7HF (Colin) for making contact for this activation, also thank’s to Jen, Michele’s daughter for being part of the team.

This was an attempt to activate summit W7/CK-228, but we failed to activate it (REVISED – ACTIVATED), due to the fact that my Radio had some receive issues. The requirement to activate requires 4 established contacts. we only made 3 and need to make another attempt some other time.

Photos – (Click)

Bill Says:
Summits on the air has no real restrictions on how you get there, but to make it a challenge we left the bike at the base of the hill knowing that we had at least a mile of climb ahead. The elevation that we dismounted the bike was 2730 ft AMSL, and the summit at 3339 Ft, gives us a vertical climb of 609 ft, with a measured distance of 1.16 miles each way.

Michele Says:
The climb today was great! The weather was perfect and the view from the peak was awesome. It was about as challenging as Lone Mountain,
but just as much fun.

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Next Activation W7/CK-228

We have just listed an alert for Summit W7/CK-228  just south of Las Vegas.  In our last post, we indicated that it would be 2 weeks till the next activation, this is much to long to go between activations.  In the summer we will have temperatures that will make it difficult to hike in the lower elevations, will activate as as many as we can,  and in the Summer  move to the higher elevations.  You can visit the Summits on the air website ans see how the activation alerts are listed at: and view the alerts, the hit the more link to see future activations.

23:00 (UTC) K7HJ on W7/CK-228 145.520-fm
 TX: QRP HT running 1-watt (Posted by K7HJ)
Posted by: k7hj | February 19, 2012

Lone Mountain w7/ck-227

This is our first event and our initial “SOTA” activation for Lone Mountain – W7/CK-227 .  It was an awesome hike that took less than 30 minutes.  The parking area is at 2800 ft. and the summit is at 3334 ft. AMSL so that is 542 feet of vertical climb.  I used my 1-watt hand-held HT radio for the event.

Bill Say’s:
As seen from the view of our home office, in the photo’s, it looks so close like it would be so easy to climb. It was a bit more demanding than I thought, at about 25% of the climb I was wondering if this was a good idea, with the fact that Michele was right behind me, giving up was not an option, even when she was a few steps ahead. Got to see a Helicopter do a low pass under us, check out the Video (Link) on YouTube

Michele say’s:
Lone Mountain is a great climb!  It is a bit challenging, but when you make it to the top, it is so worth every step!  The view is spectacular!!  Oh and just for the record, I was more than the a few steps ahead of  Bill!!! 


Looking forward to our next activation in 2 weeks.

Thanks to the following stations for being part of the activation of Lone Mountain.

Zulu-Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
20:50 N6LAU 146.520 MHz FM He was remote off 440-mhz
20:55 K7HMA 146.520 MHz FM Dean
21:00 W7GGS 146.520 MHz FM Jery
21:10 KC7MPA 146.520 MHz FM Mark
21:12 KT6KT 146.520 MHz FM Serge”

If you would like to find more information about “SOTA – Summits on the Air”  visit or for the Western US areas, visit Summits On the Air W6/W7/W0 Region at:



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